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reflect haiku zen/infect the world with poems/Take the challenge NOW!
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2004-07-23 - 10:35 a.m.

Theatre of NOTE is proud to announce the second installment of Erik Patterson�s

"American Family Trilogy"

with the world premiere of Red Light, Green Light on May 28, 2004.

Last year�s hit production, Yellow Flesh / Alabaster Rose, focused on the lives of three sexually abused siblings who were reunited through a chance meeting. Red Light, Green Light is the next chapter in the lives of these unforgettable characters. In this year�s "epic domestic", Elliot wakes up in the hospital, and his loved ones must piece together the events of the horrible night that got him there.

Now they embark on a new journey, and confront the challenge of "face vs. retreat" in response to the hate that lurks outside the window, around the corner, and under the streetlights of our cities. This most recent trek forces them to face the ugly truths about the state of the world and to reaffirm what's really important in their own lives. "Yellow Flesh/Alabaster Rose addressed the question, �How does love heal the world?� Erik�s new play asks, �How does hate change the world,�" says director Miguel Montalvo. "The characters are now evolved and breaking new ground ? and braving a new wilderness. Red Light, Green Light takes us to a new and dangerous place.

A world of journeys, of heroes ? a world of Good vs. Evil." Director Miguel Montalvo has recruited a "who�s who" list of top Los Angeles designers for NOTE�s next production, featuring lighting designer and composer Robert Oriol (Wilfredo, G-Gnome, Richard III at NOTE); costume design by Ann Closs-Farley (Jewtopia, Stage Directions); and set design by Jason and Alicia Adams (Buddy Buddette, And Still the Dogs, Dogmouth, Pentecost). Erik Patterson is a 26-year-old playwright in Los Angeles. His plays include the highly acclaimed Yellow Flesh / Alabaster Rose (Backstage West 2003 Garland for Best Playwriting, LA Weekly Pick-of-the-Week, Finalist for Lark Theatre Fellowship); The Making of Mary Kelly (in development with The Actors� Gang); the Ovation Award-nominated Tonseisha (World Premiere at Theatre of NOTE in their evening "Near Life: Three Death-Defying One Acts," Backstage West Critic�s Pick); and Miss Julien (commissioned by The Evidence Room).

He is delighted to see his latest play, Red Light, Green Light, (part two of his "American Family Trilogy," which began with Yellow Flesh / Alabaster Rose) premiere at Theatre of NOTE, his theatrical home for the past three years. On other writing fronts, Erik recently sold a pilot script for a new one-hour family series called Out There, which he wrote with Jessica Scott. Erik is a graduate of the British American Drama Academy and Occidental College. Production: Red Light, Green Light by Erik Patterson Directed by Miguel Montalvo Produced for NOTE by Lisa Kenner with David Bickford Cast: Sofie Calderon, Jennifer Ann Evans, Mandy Freund, Rachel Kann, Phinneas Kiyomura, Judy Levitt, Sarah Lilly, Alan Loayza, Scott McKinley, Christopher Neiman, Trevor Olsen, Stewart Skelton, and Gregory Sobek

When: Opening Night: Friday, May 28, 2004 Gala Performance: Saturday, May 29 (GALA T

TICKETS $20.00) Runs Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, 8 p.m., through July 10 Where:

Theatre of NOTE 1517 Cahuenga Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90028 Admission: $15 Reservations: 323.856.8611; Groups rates available

NOTE also produces the famous annual Hollywood Performance Marathon, original Late Night 5 Minute Play Series, the NOTEworthy new play development workshops, and our educational outreach program The Young Writers Project. Stick your hand in L.A.�s NOTEorious black box theater ? you never know if you�ll get licked... or bitten. NOTE is a proud member of Play 7

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